itty bitty bits

I feel so much more productive already

After years of limping along with free, or next to free, bonus printers, we finally purchased our first real printer this past weekend.

And not just a real printer, but one that also does scanning and copying so we can get rid of our next to free scanner as well.

Yeah, and with all the free, or next to free, time that I’m so sure I’ll have with the impending birth of babyQ, I’ll just get right on to learning all the functions, buttons and make full use of all the lovely features…

Or at least keep the grandmas in full supply of photos.

I’m never really near the loop

Where did this come from?? Heard a single [Crazy?] for the first time on the radio the other day. I was completely expecting to hate it, based solely on the fact that the guy(s?) is going by “Gnarles Barkley”. Gnarles?? Seriously? If nothing else, it brought my expectations so low, that the artist(s) had a good chance of meeting them.

And then, either because fate is a sick and twisted little bastard, or because karma just felt like biting me in the ass, I actually liked the song. Really. Stranger things have happened… but now I must add it to the list of cds I want.

A new complaint: peeing.

Thought I’d state that up front just in case you don’t want to ready any further.

Why, oh, why am I cursed with the shortest arms to go along with my 8 1/2 month belly? All the yoga in the world [okay – a string of beginner classes over the years and a few sets of prenatal yoga], while making me more flexible and granting me the capacity to relax under duress, has not prepared me for such twisting around on the toilet seat. While the embarrassing moment has yet to happen, I feel it inevitable: one day soon, I will fall off.

I think I have penis envy.

…there was something else, damn it…

I’m taking my BlogExplosion rental off-line for the time being. Self Proclaimed Supermom has been added to the former tenants section for your continued reading [uh, because she’s good]. I may get back to renting later, but just not at the moment.

4 responses to “itty bitty bits

  1. We have a printer that scans and copies, it does make life easier…now if only I can buy some cartridges!

    came through Blog mad 🙂

  2. very envious of the new printer… The whold peeing thing, it only gets better..

  3. im not sure if canon has already improved, but last i heard, their inks are still “saturated.” they’re still using the separate ink tanks, which, although may seem economical, is actually a bleed–because one day, you’ll discover you’d have to replace the cartridge, and the cartridge costs almost half of the printer’s price itself. i owned a digital studio, and somehow ive tried ’em all–hp, epson, brother, lexmark, canon. HP, although not perfect, has the crispest image and brightest ink of the bunch. sharpest, too. i would have told you go for HP. =p

    in case, you’re wondering, im not an HP troll. =p

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