who shot JR?

Now, that was a season finale cliff hanger.

Seriously, those really were the good ol’ days, where one was left in suspense for the summer, and only the summer – none of this May-through-October-[maybe November]-before-a-new-episode-airs stuff. The good ol’ days in which tv shows could still throw one [me] for a twist and get away with it.

Mr.Q and I watched the season finale(s) of Grey’s Anatomy last night.

Mr.Q generally prefers Crossing Jordan [‘cuz he’s in love with Jill Hennessy, second only to Chantal Kreviazuk] and we have managed to come to amicable Sunday night viewing arrangements, but he agreed, without issue, to watch parts 2 & 3 of last night’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, really. Do you need a three part finale? No. Before realizing that parts 2 & 3 existed, I was quite content with part 1 as the season finale – to be left happily hanging until the fall. But, no, instead I got to watch parts 2 & 3 and have damn near everything wrapped up neatly, albeit a little too over the top, so that I now have no crushing need to fanatically await the first new episode next season. I know who died, I know who lived and the only tension left is between potential lovers – and even Mr.Q, who has watched a grand total of, perhaps, two episodes, recognized that as an uneventful on-going side story.

Maybe I just don’t watch that much tv anymore and, unbeknownst to me, the concept of the season cliff-hanger has gone by the wayside. Maybe I am just too unfocused to sit through a total of 3 hours of a season finale. Maybe I just tuned out after too many implausible scenarios…. rather unlikely after my Dallas days, no?

Maybe I’m just getting ready for the impending onslaught of kids’ shows – does Dora the Explorer have season finales??

7 responses to “who shot JR?

  1. The only show that left me excited to see the next season was The Office.

  2. I don’t think Dora has season finales.lol!
    It does get pretty suspenseful when you hear Swiper coming!!:D Oh & don’t even get me going on thos e Teletubbies!!

  3. you’re right about the lack of cliffhanger in Grey’s. so far I haven’t seen any season finales that have me excited. we’ll see how Lost does next week. and no, Dora just never ends!

  4. I am looking forward to CSI: Las Vegas next season.. I don’t watch the kids show yet, I am not ready, so I just listen to lots and lots of music, Morgan loves Dave Matthews Band

  5. oh, now I have to make myself look forward to so many sing-a-long shows…

    Though, DMB! There’s hope! I’m trying for a jazz baby, but I’ll take Dave without complaint. 😀

  6. “24” left quite the cliffhanger this year, though the opening 10 minutes of the season was probably more shocking than the final 10.

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