like father…

like dog.

Our poor, dear dog has diarrhea. It’s probably our fault. The last time he was at the vet’s they suggested that he could lose a few pounds, so we promptly went out and bought him some new treats: yummy, cheesy low-cal treats.

Within a few days he was notably gassy. Really, really oh-my-god-who-let-the-skunk-in-here gassy. So, we switched him off. Apparently, it takes a little longer than that for cheese snacks to run rampant through, and subsequently clear, a canine system. He has now had 2 nights of the trots. Not days. No, that would be too easy. He’s been up all night for the past two nights, fussing to repeatedly go outside. Perhaps having taken his cue from Mr.Q, we seem to have a lactose intolerant dog.

And now, every time he farts, he starts up and runs around, horrified, if not terrified, of the noises emanating from his rear end – which is why I’m up and posting at 6:30am. Mr.Q has taken the dog outside twice and was boycotting any further involvement, but some gastro-intestinal tracts aren’t so easily satisfied. Still letting them rip, he refused to stay put. And, in fear of the thought of cleaning up runny dog crap, I got up with him.

Turns out he was just hungry [I guess a night of gas pains will do that to you] and, now that he’s eaten, no longer gassy.

Is anything good on tv at this hour?

7 responses to “like father…

  1. Oh oh oh! Get used to horrible horrible middle-of-the-night-what-time-is-it-anyway television programming. I almost bought the ‘magic bullet’ because I was facinated by the commercial that they would play at 2am, 3am and 4am.

    It was set up as if the hosts had a bed and breakfast or lots of friends spending the night and random people would wander into the kitchen and learn how to make fettucini alfredo in just One! Two! Three! spins of the Magic Bullet. Or guacamole…an iced alcoholic beverage…nachos…pico de gallo…just One! Two! Three!

    The greatest part of the commercial is the old woman guest that wanders in with a fake cigarette. I would watch in morbid facination as the long ash at the end of the cigarette did not get any longer or fall off. And then I would wonder who in the hell would smoke in someone’s kitchen in this day and age…

    Anywho. My advice: set up the vcr before baby Q shows up so you can tape primetime shows to watch at 2am when you are nursing/feeding the baby.

  2. oooh, ick. we’ve had that around here before.
    congrats on your new ‘stay at home status’- you’re right- it will go TOO fast.
    and at 6:30 a.m.- my choice is Angel… but if my husbands around, he thinks we should watch the news or something… and since you don’t have to have the tv permanently on Nick yet, guess you’ll miss the early Timmy Turner & Spongebob. lucky you!

  3. Our dog has this delightful thing where she begins retching at 2 or 3 in the morning because she ate a stick in the yard or some such thing. Until I read of your canine fumigation I thought there would be now more nasty a way of waking at that ungodly hour, but you’ve got it!!

  4. Once or twice could be mildly amusing in the right moment, but when it starts to stress the poor guy out… not so much.

    Fortunately, with a little puppy pepto from the vet, he is now on the mend and everyone slept peacefully through last night and even slept in a little this morning.

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