apparently I should be higher-strung

warning: crankiness below

so, are you getting excited??!!

That is the question that seems to be tripping off everyone’s tongue with greater frequency as the Impending Birth tears through the less-than-a-week stage. And it’s not just the constant incessant asking of the question, it’s the choice of the word “excited” – like a sugared-up 6 year old on Christmas morning – and the fact that, when uttered, even the deepest voice manages to reach squeaky dog-noise ranges in the space of the three syllables.

The effect then becomes: so, are you getting **!!EXCIIIIIIITED**??!!??!!??!!

No, but it does make me cranky and left feeling like a complete and utter bitch, as, god help me, I am not **!!EXCIIIIIIITED??!!??!!??!!. I don’t do that. I’ve never done that and I sincerely hope something strikes me dead if I ever contemplate trying it. Why should this be any different? I know that most people asking the question are actually that disturbingly excited and want verification that someone, anyone else [me] is freaking out on the same scale that they are. The fact that I’m not, then, adds either a knowing just-you-wait cluck [um..wait for, what, the realization that I’m pregnant??] or a flash of the deepest oh-so-are-you-okay-with-all-this concern.

And that, of course, makes me crankier.

Don’t get me wrong. We are, without question, extremely little-e excited, very much looking forward to meeting babyQ outside the context of my gut, and, to the joy of my childless friends, willing and able to go off on tangents about babyQ, baby stuff and pregnancy for untold hours. And I do understand that, for whatever reason, others are able to get excessively off the wall excited about things and that’s okay. This is a big, happy, and – yes, I’ll say it – exciting time.

Now, it will be even better if only I can get through it without having to spend my time beating off the overly exuberant with a stick.

phew. end crankiness.

Apparently, this is my 201st post since starting QR up 15 months ago. Happy belated bicentennial to me!

9 responses to “apparently I should be higher-strung

  1. i am pretty much antisocial and don’t work and nobody ever asked me that question. but, i tend not to be an “excited” type as far as that goes.

    i had a baby in march.

    i wish you the best. 🙂

  2. I hate to be the one to tell you (oh who am I kidding, I love spreading misery around) – It doesn’t stop when the baby is born.

    The next stage is complete strangers coming up to you and your baby and saying

    “Isn’t it the BEST and HARDEST job EVER?!?!?!?”

    with a craaaaazy look in their eye. I still haven’t figured out an adequate response.

    “Um, yeah?”

  3. People who say that just don’t remember how crappy pregnancy is. Yes…I’m excited that I’ll be able to stop vomited 10 times a day. Yeehaw.

  4. So are you excited?? (sorry, cuoldn’t resist).

    I remember both times as it was in the homestretch. People are all revved up ad you’re just uncomfortable (and if the weather’s warm sweaty too) and waiting for a rough day or night or both for it all to be over in. Once it’s over the fun starts, but the last little while sucks.

  5. thx all – I am feeling a little less cranky today, honest!

    waddling: bad
    baby: good
    people in malls: CRAZY!

  6. Happy belated and congrats all in one. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog. I am very much hoping your kid does not turn out like little Roberto

  7. Oh I remember those days Q & when I was pregnant with my son he was due Jan27…the Dr. told me at New Years that year that there was no way I would make it to my due date………………………………………………I had my son on Feb9!!!!!!! People were driving me CRAZEEEEE!!!!!!
    Oh & just wait until BabQ is about a year old, then the wonderful question of “Soooo, are you going to have another one?” ” Oh come on you don;t want to have them too far apart”GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  8. Hey Jenn, are you EXCIIIIITED yet?

    I am serious, I made a tee shirt that said “no I am not, so please stop asking” I was a real bitch when pregnant, it was a horrible pregnancy, morning sickness all 9 months, morning, noon, and night… and she turned breech 2 weeks before she was due.. OH sure super excited about being sliced open, I am thinking of having a hum digger of a party…. GRRRRHH!!!

  9. lol! Seriously, I’ve already had people ask me when we’re going to have another! uh… let’s get through this one first, folks.

    And, yeah…kind of difficult to get excited about major abdominal surgery to be followed by sleepless nights… great.

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