previously un-noted advantages

Apparently, two days before one’s due date, should one turn to one’s spouse after supper and announce the desire for Snackin’ Cake, it is entirely possible that one will get a reasonable fascimile thereof.

[the link to Snackin’ Cakes above leads to a very different variety of Snackin’ Cake than was available in the early ’80s…where have I been??]

Okay, so I did have to wash an inordinate number of bowls, spoons and baking dishes afterward, but Mr.Q did make a damn fine little cake. And, he even managed to find a recipe that required no substitutions for all his allergies and intolerances.

Wait a minute. That just means that he will be eating my cake. Great. ‘Scuse me, I now have to go try and hide a 9×12 dish.

2 responses to “previously un-noted advantages

  1. I use to love Snackin cakes!My hubby once ate a whole bowl of Snackin cake batter!!!! 😮

  2. Hey on the day of labor I was snacking down on expresso chocolate beans! You need all the sugery energy for labor!!! 🙂

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