like the Energizer Bunny

I get to just keep going and going and going…

…with no obvious end in sight.

This kid just is not coming out. There is no profound state of readiness on her part and she seems content to just hang out and get bigger, while I run out of breath walking to the bathroom and retain water at the ankle-popping rate of 5 lbs per week [okay, a teeny bit of that might be the aforementioned snackin’ cake]. The updated birth weight estimate is now nine pounds and, with that wince-inducing epiphany, came preparatory statements about the potential of a cesarean section.

We’d been waiting for that one.

Major abdominal surgery is not a given – Dr.R was very clear about that – but it’s something that we might want to be prepared for, considering the circumstances of 1. a baby damn near as big as our cat, 2. a baby who appears to have little intention of dropping, 3. other than [ever so rare] episodes of crankiness, I have had no real early indications of labour and 4. the fact that Dr.R wasn’t able to exclaim “oh, my! you’re already 5 cm dilated!” at today’s appointment.

Mr.Q and I are back to thinking that we’re really having twins and no one’s told us. Twins run in my family and, pre-ultrasound, we almost had ourselves quite convinced of multiples…just in case.

Now that we appear likely to abandon all hope of meeting the official due date of Jun 2, we have been given the official end date of Jun 12 – a light at the end of the tunnel!! Just shoot me up and drug me good – despite everyone’s warnings to avoid getting induced, by that point, I think I’ll take it [uh, because my options are…]. In the mean time, the only medical thing booked for next week is another doctor appointment.

6 responses to “like the Energizer Bunny

  1. Why have they been warning you not to be induced? I was with both of my kids. I’d rather be induced than have a C-section (I’ve done both natural and c-section, and the C-section was way worse).

  2. ah – just people in from our prenatal classes who were induced found the labour part rather unpleasant. Considering these are all first babies, I’m not sure what they were comparing it to, though! 😀

  3. I have heard from many many sources that induction sucked. I wouldn’t know, but I can attest that the C-Section wasn’t much fun mainly because of the recovery…very hard to pick up a big baby when you have stitches in your stomach.

    Ok, I can’t believe I am admitting this but: I was in exactly your situation no movement, no real dropping, nothing. I was due to get induced on Friday afternoon. The EP was so anxious to have this kid that he suggested this Wednesday night. I had intermittent contractions all night and most of the day Thursday and went into labor Thursday night. I believe that it ‘primed the pump’ so to speak.

    It worked. I recommend trying it. ‘nough said.

    (man, those were my deleted comments…I couldn’t get the link to work)

  4. hmm…almost maybe…but not quite. man, breastfeeding is going to suck.

    oh, sorry. no pun intended.

  5. Uh oh…June 4th…haven’t heard from you. Hmmm…..did babyQ finally show up?

  6. sadly, just being lazy, uh, I mean busy… 😀

    She seems to be a mellow little critter!

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