with little to do but reminisce

I’ve been going through some old photos on the computer recently [since nothing else – like, oh, I don’t know, labour – seems to be happening] and ended up looking through the pics of our trip to Tofino last year over the May long weekend.

Helped along with that was Mr.Q’s posting of two video clips from the same trip.

It only takes as little as 2 nights to unwind at a gorgeous place with good food [except for one Mr.Q theoretically food related episode] and amazing scenery. I always feel that we never really get away anywhere, but forget that there are so many places around here that we haven’t been to yet [damn, maybe I’ve been watching too many of those tourism Canada commercials].

Maybe, if and when babyQ ever makes an appearance, the odd day trip – packing tonnes more stuff than I’m sure I can imagine – might be in order.

One response to “with little to do but reminisce

  1. We drag the kids all over the place. It’s a little more work tan before and there are military operationds that require less gear, but I’ll be knocked if I’m going to become a parent hermit.

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