and so it begins


We’re killing a little time now before heading into the hospital, presumably to hang out for a few hours and have a baby. [it’s about that easy, right?] Our doc has authorised us to go in based on an hour’s worth of contractions at 4-5 minutes apart, but with “no rush – make your way in whenever”.

I’m still partially skeptical that we’ll get there and be told that these aren’t real contractions and to go home….though Mr.Q is officially in a tizzy and wanted to go start the car up after the first few regularly scheduled contractions. Granted, he is very productive at the moment, but does lack a little focus [hm…I have the feeling this last statement will come back to bite me in the ass]. So, with that, I have to check and make sure we have all the pertinent phone numbers, the bathroom is clean [enough] for our petsitter and Mr.Q isn’t hyperventilating.

’til later!

11 responses to “and so it begins

  1. Woo Hoo!! Come on baby Q!!!!
    I hope this is it & I hope all goes well for you!!
    Praying for ya!

  2. Congratulations! It must be SOOOOO much fun to be on the onset of labor! Good luck at the hospital. I can’t wait to read about your labor and delivery (I hope you’ll share!!!) and to read (and see pictures?) of your new baby! I’ll think good thoughts for you and your family today!

  3. Yeeeeeeeeee! Hope all goes well! So exciting! (but not **!!EXCIIIIIIITING**??!!??!!??!!, cause that would just be annoying! 😉

    Looking forward to the next update!

  4. I bet this is it!! You would have updated by now if it wasn’t! Baby Q is on it’s way!!

    Speaking of distracted, when I went into labor the EP ran around the house trying to frantically think of things that had to be done before the baby came. His genius? He picked scraping paint off of a window.

    He will never live that down.

  5. I think my wife would have traded a false alarm trip or two if it meant not having to induce to coax out kids out. Little buggers just didn’t want out!

  6. Since it’s now the 9th and no update, I’ll go out on a limb and say YAY!!!!! Hope you guys are doing great.

  7. I’m with anth…I am sure that you guys are now up to your eyeballs in baby poo!

    (is anyone else checking back here several times a day hoping that today will be the day of the adorable new baby pictures?)

    Yay! Hope everything went as smoothly as possible and that you are now lost in the amazingness of your own little brand new family.

  8. lol Mama Grouch. I have been checking back here a few times a day!!!
    I can’t wait to see the cute little bundle of joy!!!!!
    Bring on the baby pics!!

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