thanks all!

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Thanks everyone for all your comments below!

I’m making my way back onto the computer slowly, so here is one of the first photos, taken my Mr.Q the morning after, as I was still stoned from post-op drugs.

Yep, she was a c-section. I was in labour for over 12 hours and, despite a couple of good kicks of pitocin, not co-operating. Add into that, the fact that she was born at 10lb and 1oz, and it seems only reasonable that things really weren’t progressing!

So, at 1923 on Jun 6, babyQ was born with a little help from a surgical team and we both got to spend the following three days in hospital.

I’ll be around, off and on, as sleep and pain meds dictate!

Also see: Mr.Q’s videos for more (nothing graphic, I’ve been assured, though I’ve yet to see them myself…)

9 responses to “thanks all!

  1. Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful!! What a beautiful healthy size too – my first baby was nearly that weight, and although I was a bit upset that some of the newborn clothes didn’t fit (!!) it was great as she was so healthy and robust.
    Hope you are getting lots of rest (yeah right), and feeling good.

  2. She is so, so adorable. The video is very nice (and yes, not at all graphic). You are going to be so happy you have that footage of her first few minutes.

    Congratulations! I hope you’re recovering quickly and enjoying Mae. (And I have to mention here that my own daughter — who was born in May — has June as her middle name. The reverse of your baby’s naming).

  3. Yaay! Congrats on the arrival of babyQ! You may want to keep some of those pain meds handy to numb the long nights ahead.

  4. I have been back to this site multiple times to show people her cute little face and watch the video of her getting cleaned up by the nurses. Thank you for that by the way, I was so exausted that I don’t even remember seeing the Creep after the surgery – this way I can imagine what it was like. Though I do have to say that you were she came out of the surgery looking much cuter than my kiddo.

    Congratulations on your beautiful beautiful baby. And may I be the first to welcome you to the big baby club!!

  5. Aw man. Sorry I’m late on the uptake here.

    She’s gorgeous. Love the name (my middle name is “MEI” – pronounced Mae). And girl… 10lbs? You win a prize my dear.

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