new episode: Thing I’ve Learned

Yes, it’s time for a [quick] new episode of Things I’ve Learned:

It is possible to wear more padding than an NHL goalie and yet have none of it be for your own protection.

And, while the companies can at least make the ‘feminine hygiene’ pads [do not get me started on feminine hygiene slogans…] relatively thin, it appears impossible for nursing pads to be made of the same material. Though it does do wonders for one’s apparent cleavage, anyone within 6 feet must wonder at the odd shaping…

couple of new pics up at my flickr and a new video from Mr.Q!

4 responses to “new episode: Thing I’ve Learned

  1. OMG!!! She is georgous!!! Love the pics!
    Soo neat to see a video of you guys too!! I giggled when I was watching the video of Mr.Q put the carseat in….it brought back memories of my hubby doing the exact same thing.

  2. Oh god, I hated those stupid nursing pads. I was overjoyed when someone told me that your milk production evens out and at some point you don’t need them. I think for me that happened when the Creep was about 4 months old. Now when I go to feed him my milk lets down right after he starts eating so I only have to wear a pad (or a handy onsie) on the opposite breast while he is feeding. Other than that as long as I don’t go for really long periods of time without feeding him I am drip free.

    Hope you didn’t know that I get to be the bearer of good news!

  3. Mackey – lol! Mr.Q’s glad it’s not just him…

    mamagrouch – thank god there’s an end in sight!! drop off good news like that any time you feel like it. 😀

  4. Those things are terrifying. My wife used to joke that she was afraid to go down by the lake when she had them on.

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