let reality sink in

It may just be due to the hormones but, after seeing one of those baby shows for the first time since having Mae Gwyn, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or just write the mother of all tirades [no pun intended] to the network.

Never mind that everything wraps up perfectly in under half an hour, I was always intrigued by how many people and how much equipment must be rammed into one of those rooms. Now, I’ve had to revise that estimate even more; apparently, there is also an entire professional hair and make up team available to the labouring woman throughout the entire ordeal. Forget the drugs, these ladies also get a spa! Granted, vast parts of them – emotionally and physically – get put on television, but at least they get to look good doing it.

2 responses to “let reality sink in

  1. You must be refering to “A Baby Story”. I remember watching that show every day at noon when I was pregnant with my 2nd.
    I remember seeing so many women have epidurals & thinking” Wow, it doesn;t even look like they are in labor at all!” I was debating on having an epidural with my second but in the end I didn’t.
    So how is baby Gwyn?? Is she letting you get any rest??

  2. a little rest – I have to convince myself that it’s okay to get a little more during the day when she sleeps, but so far so good… 😀

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