I have feet!

It’s not that I, since the birth of babyQ, can now actually see my feet [although that’s nice too] but I now actually have feet.

Over the past few days I’ve been wondering what’s wrong with my lower appendages, and now I know: they no longer look like those blow-up air gyms at kids’ birthday parties. I have ankles. I have arches. I have what appear to be slightly wider feet, but I’ve yet to put that theory to the test by wearing real shoes. I really should do that, as I suspect that continuing to wear flip flops will only increase the spreadage.

My hands, too, are somewhat back to normal although, as of last Friday, I could not yet put my rings back on. There was definitely hindrance at the knuckle. And I’m sure at least part of the remaining Buddha belly is due to a little water retention…really. Seriously. At last a little.

So, while I may not quite be back to my edema-free, publicly-married self, I am at least making process.

And yet, still drinking gallons more water than I ever have before…

6 responses to “I have feet!

  1. I’m afraid the Buddha Belly stays for awhile…it’s sad!! And I’m too sleep deprived to exercise so the flab stays there. Luckily I have lost most of my pg weight..so only need to lose the last ten pounds (which is the flab that hangs over the jeans)

  2. Woo Hoo for feet!!!!
    The thing I was happiest about after giving birth was sleeping on my tummy again!!!!

  3. I’m at the same place as you at the moment – wedding rings went back on yesterday – nice to be married again, lol.

    I love this feeling of becoming myself again after all these months of feeling like I belong to someone else!

    Oh yeah, and lay on my stomach for the first time last night too – bliss!

    Hope it all goes well with your inlaws coming.

  4. oh – I’ve been dying to sleep on my stomach, but the boobs have been deterring me. I’m doing enough laundry as it is without having to change the bedsheets everyday too!

    (Kate – I can’t seem to get to your blog from your profile, but thx for stopping by!)

  5. Yay for returning to normal size! Thank goodness it’s not wintertime right now! What to women do when they have to jam their feet into shoes in the winter??? 🙂

  6. I remember the moment when my feet looked real. In a fit of low self esteem during my pregnancy I decided that I had ugly puffy feet…not realizing that it was due to the pregancy because they had been puffy from trimester one.

    And then, one day, feet! Beautiful, slender, arching, defined, glorious feet!

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