Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

1. it is possible to – and this is the kicker – legitimately take the entire day to put away the clean dishes and make two phone calls.

2. the faster one walks with a stroller, the more likely one is to viciously stub one’s toes on the wheels.

3. just because a stroller is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s more appropriate for off-roading. It only means what you already knew: it’s old.

4. dogs are worrywarts.

5. The Princess from The Princess and the Pea really exists – she’s two and a half weeks old, lives on the west coast of Canada, and hates napping in her playpen.

6. I can wear some of my pre-pregnancy shirts [the stretchy ones that saw me through my first few months]. Whether or not I should is a different story – and completely beside the point.

7. coffee is really, really, really good. Moreso than I ever knew before.

4 responses to “Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

  1. lol…I rememeber those days. It would take half the darn day to have a shower & get dressed:) Oh & grocery shopping. ALWAYS take the Snuggly with you!!!! That thing is a lifesaver I tell ya!

    My son would NEVER sleep in the playpen. I think it’s too big or something. They like to be in more confined quarters.

  2. 8. It is possible to have the sh*t scared out of you by your own child when you roll over during the night and see him silently laying there, eyes wide open, just STARING at you.

    I actually screamed out loud and woke everyone up.

  3. mackey – yay bjorn and grocery shopping!!

    MG – lol! I, myself, was one of the starers. I’ve heard all the horror stories. 😀

  4. Laughing at #6. I tried desperately to get into my pre-pg clothes – however, it was not really a great sight when I did.

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