they come in threes

One weekend down, two to go before a brief hiatus from the family.

The InLaws arrived, were here and have left for the week. In the middle of a heat wave, we were unable to do too terribly much with a 2 1/2 week old who is temperamental in the afternoons and even more temperamental in the heat. The highlight of the weekend? A successfull [quiet] trip to the grocery store in the BabyBjorn.

The InLaws brought with them many little things from folks around their area [some of whom I’ve never met and others I barely remember meeting] and it was all very nice of them to send stuff along – some cute, some random and some I’m not sure we’ll ever use – but thoughtful none-the-less.

The InLaws return next weekend, and my parents and sister follow hot on their heels the following week. The next round of visitors is already in the planning stages – sisterInLaw and aunt- and uncleInLaw are also plotting drive-bys next month. But, in the mean time, we get a brief respite.

And, now, the monitor tells me babyQ is up and likely looking for a new diaper. If she hates having a dirty diaper, this means she’ll potty train easier…right?? I need something to justify going through 80+ diapers in 5 days…

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