more cake for the rest of us

I am not the only one with an event this year. While Mr.Q and I get to become parents, my sister and her SigOther get to become newlyweds – roughly 12 years into their relationship.

SisterQ’s impending wedding is a small affair, to be held at a fancy reestaurant with lovely gardens. Both our family, and her SigOther’s family are small and attendance at the wedding beyond family members is limited.

Her SigOther’s family is even smaller since there are some members of the family that can’t and/or won’t be contacted. So, it was a little surprising when one still-speaking brother called to complain after the invitations were sent out, over 5 months in advance. Apparently, thet date that sisterQ and her SigOther had chosen was the same date [five months into the future] that he and his wife were thinking of having thier four year old’s birthday party.

With unusual apparent grace [by the time this story is relayed to me], sisterQ’s SigOther puts the ball firmly back in his brother’s court: the wedding date has never been secret, the bookings are done, and it’s up to him to decide how he wants to handle this and what he feels is more important.

And so, the brother has decided that he will not be attending the wedding – not because of the tentative birthday party, but because sisterQ’s SigOther did not insist that he attend. This, of course, travels back to sisterQ only after filtering through about three or four layers of friends and relatives.

Every now and then, when sisterQ and I are complaining contemplating the freakiness of our own family, something always comes along in the form of an in-law to reset the bar.

Happy Belated Canada Day [and Happy 4th of July for those to the south … and Happy any other early July holidays that I don’t know about!]

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