Things I’ve Surmised

New series!! A spin-off of the popular Things I’ve Learned series, QR is proud to introduce Things I’ve Surmised. Enjoy the pilot episode:

I think I now know the reason behind all the bedding crap the stores try and sell you for cribs. Never mind the fact that it’s not supposed to be used, what with SIDS scares and all, the stores still try and market frilly, puffy, excessive bits of fabric for baby’s presumed safety, comfort and sense of colour co-ordination.

But, I’ve decided that it’s got nothing to do with looks [or lack thereof]: it’s all about buffering the midnight spit-up and saving the carpet outside the crib.

And suddenly, all the frilly, puffy, expensive bits of fabric don’t look quite so ugly anymore…

3 responses to “Things I’ve Surmised

  1. And they look a lot nicer than the big blue tarp we were considering for under out crib!

  2. ooh – tarp! That’s brilliant! And, it can be hosed off instead of having to do even more laundry. I’m heading to Rona!

  3. Ah-ha! The hundreds of dollars spent on the co-ordinated crib set will actually SAVE you $ in carpet cleaning and replacement! Brilliant! I can use this argument with my hubby when I at last break down and buy the Noah’s Arc set I’ve been oogling! Thanks! 😉

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