Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

1. like Homer Simpson’s belly, my butt, once set in motion, can now jiggle for a disturbing length of time.

2. boobs, in the hypothetical event that they were ever-so-slightly mismatched in size prior to breastfeeding, do not equilibrate upon the start of breastfeeding.

3. those little marks that I stupidly wishfully mistook for a few extra veins? Yeah…more stretchmarks.

4. a little, bouncing seat – the kick-ass-ing-est gift babyQ has received thus far.

5. babyQ, unfathomably, actually gets cuter every day.

6. thanks, S., for letting me know that babyQ has appeared on Blogging Baby photo of the day, along with Leo!

4 responses to “Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

  1. I hate my butt now! It used to be tight and firm and now I see ACK! some cellulite! What happened? Also with the belly…umm gotta do a zillion sit ups, that little bit just won’t go away. I can;t believe I used to be like a waif before pregnancy.

    As for the photo, isn’t it great when they’re sleeping? I wonder what they sleep about? Dancing milks I think!

  2. Cute is not a strong enough word for that little one. So, so adorable.

    PS.mismatched boobs are a sign of genius.

  3. Just adorable. Thsoe seats are a god sent gadget. Ours has seen many miles between both kids and it was worth every penny spent on it by whomever got it for us.

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