Last night, on the day of babyQ’s seven week birthday, I discovered my first gray hair.

Make of that what you will.

Mr.Q took unimaginable delight in removing it from my head [sadly, along with three other hairs that were not gray].

5 responses to “milestones

  1. TeeHee…that is just the first of the many grey hairs she will give you:)

  2. Aww… don’t sweat it, it means nothing. I’ve had grey hairs since I was 19!

  3. The day after I had Hailey I got a streak of grey and it all went downhill after that. Stop the plucking and give in to Miss Clairol.

  4. My wife has an abundance of them. You could be onto something with the kids causing them. She’s a teacher and routinely exposed to large concentrations of kids.

  5. ah, and so it goes. These past few months are the first time that I’ve seen my natural hair colour in years, what with neither time nor inclination to get it done. So, who knows how long I’ve really had gray (?gray ?grey – I’ve never figured that out) hairs. Back to the salon I go!

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