literary aspirations

BabyQ doesn’t like the New Yorker.

It was the only piece of reading material close at hand for a while and I attempted to read different of varying topics to her on several occasions, and different speeds and in several different tones of voice. None had any effect.

We’ve since read a few Mr.Men books and a Beatrix Potter. They went over marginally better, though babyQ’s attention span does tend to wander. I’ve yet to try medical journals. I know it’s a bit early for her to be interested in having a book read to her, so I thought it really wouldn’t matter what was being read, as long as she was hearing my voice. Apparently it does matter.

Maybe I’ll have to work up to the New Yorker, through, say, a few poetry journals, the daily newspaper and some online political commentary. She does like the Daily Show. Mind you, she also likes the music on the commercial for the new Mario Brothers video game.

sigh. Ah, the moulding of young minds…

Mr.Q has put up a few new videos, for those who have the inclination.

3 responses to “literary aspirations

  1. What?!? Doesn’t like the New Yorker? What is she going to have to talk about at the next cocktail party? Seriously though, I would be freaking out if Little K didn’t dig on the New Yorker.

  2. Some kids. Next you’ll be telling me that she nodded off when you were reading her War and Peace.

  3. hm…War and Peace, eh?? That’s a thought… 😛

    joseph – perhaps I’ll start with the New Yorker cartoons?

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