bringing home the bacon

I have never worked harder in my life to provide nourishment for another human being.

Okay, that’s not saying much. I can cook, I just prefer not to. Mr.Q does the vast majority of the cooking around here – partly due to his allergies, partly due to his fondness for cooking and partly due to preference for tasty food. And now, as the only one currently holding a paying job [maternity leave pays so little, monetarily], he is the Official Official Breadwinner.

I, however, am putting a significant effort into the feeding of babyQ.

Drinking between 6 and 8 liters of water per day [seriously!] and constantly snacking on what would normally be considered evil foodstuffs has now become in my best interest. It’s kind of nice to get to inhale an entire deli pizza [veggie…to cut the guilt, you know] in one sitting and know that it’s a good thing. But, it’s the 3am snacks that become cumbersome: leaning, half-asleep, on the bathroom door frame, forcing myself to guzzle 3 little bottles of room temperature tap water while nibbling on stale graham crackers. A culinary delight, it is not.

I think that this nibbling is not helped by the presence of the Food Network and the fact that it is a daytime staple. I now ponder the ways to dress up graham crackers [or arrowroot cookies, or oatmeal cookies] in a manner that in resilient to prolonged periods at room temperature. So far, no luck. Or no imagination…

But, I digress. I’m feeling a little weary – if you’ll excuse me, I must go find something to eat.

2 responses to “bringing home the bacon

  1. Trail mix snack packs…a mother’s best friend at 3 am. Also those little packs of peanut butter crackers.

    I don’t know why, either I have gotten used to being hungry all of the time or maybe it has started to fade, but I no longer feel the intense need to eat all of the time. At least I don’t crave the cookie dough and butter that I used to – and that I blamed on the Creep needing lots of fat in his breastmilk. I didn’t lose any weight but didn’t gain any either so there may be something to that theory.

    Strange that I didn’t really crave anything weird (ok, I suppose cookie dough isn’t all that weird) until after I had the kiddo.

  2. lol – I just realised the other day, while I was trying to figure out why there were popsicles in my freezer, that I was over my cravings pretty much after babyQ was born. Not that I’m adverse to eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s … you know, if I have to…

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