What I’m Not to Wear

This article at Blogging Baby got me thinking – or re-thinking, as the case may be – about the state of my wardrobe.

I’m not sure that what I have left at my disposal qualifies as a wardrobe. What I believe I now have is a wardrobe malfunction. Maternity clothes look ridiculous on me. My old clothes, while most technically fit in that I can cram myself into them, are not really fit for public consumption. I am then left with a pair of yoga short, a pair of sweat pants, a pair of low rise capris and a handful of stretched out t-shirts to see me through the days regardless of what the days bring.

My kitchen cleaning clothes have become my visiting friends and co-workers clothes. That’s just wrong.

I’m not that far off my pre-pregnancy clothes [so I tell myself, anyway] and have a horrible time justifying new jeans, skirts, shirts, tees, tanks, shorts and slacks for the last few pounds. I just have to suck it up…or in, as the case may be. However, this may quickly wind me up on What Not to Wear. I realise that, yet cringe at the thought of shopping. I’m not particularly fond of it to begin with when it’s done out of real necessity, and mass clothing purchases aren’t really my thing.

In the mean time, while I struggle to draw up the zippers and tug down on the tees, I have to get to the mall for the one thing that’s never a burden to shop for: my sister’s wedding is coming up and I want a new pair of shoes.

3 responses to “What I’m Not to Wear

  1. Man….I miss the MuMus my Gramma used to wear. Now that is serious comfort clothing!lol!

  2. Think Wal-mart, Baby! Seeing as my post-baby pants size is DOUBLE my pre-preg pant size, I was able to buy some cute/cheep capris at Wally World to see me through this fat summer! BUTT buy winter I want to be BACK in my old jeans! 😉

  3. WalMart – duh! I’ve been swinging past Old Navy, but haven’t braved the aisles of a WalMart…yet..:P

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