the taming of SisterQ

…and it’s a damn good thing she doesn’t read this blog…

My sister is getting married this weekend to a fellow she’s been together with for 11 years. At this point, you ask, why bother?

We’ve been asking that too. But, nonetheless, they are getting married this weekend. It will be a very small wedding comprised of various and sundry family members and a few friends. Small enough, that there will be little opportunity to escape the clutches of anyone we should wish to avoid. And there’s a good chance that there will be people we wish to avoid or, at the very least, take a break from, during the course of the evening.

Whatever our inclinations, though, this will be my sister’s day [oh yeah, and her SigOther’s] and I suspect my matron-of-honour duty has more to do with keeping her in good company rather than myself or Mr.Q. And, considering that I’ve avoided every other matronly duty due to distance and babyQ, I suspect it’s one I should fulfill.

The really sad part? I won’t even be buffering the requisite small talk with a drink or two. And, being in wine country, that’s going to hurt.

4 responses to “the taming of SisterQ

  1. Are you taking baby Q with you???
    I used to hate taking my kids to big functions when the were babies& then everyone would maul them. Aaaakkkkk!!!!!

  2. yep, she’s going and she’ll be the only child who is allowed – the perks of being sister of the bride… Fortunately, it is a very small wedding, though I am expecting to have to intervene anyway!

  3. Dude, wine makes your milk come in.

    Of course there is always the good ‘ole pump and dump if one glass won’t do ya. I can’t even imagine making small talk without a little grease.

    Good luck.

  4. hmmm…there are benefits, eh?? Sadly, it’s over and I survived sans booze. We were actually a really lame head table. Neither the bride nor the groom imbibe, Mr.Q can’t drink because of his allergies, I didn’t and, for whatever reason, neither did the best man or his wife.

    The rest of the table more than made up for us, though!

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