make me up

Sister Q’s wedding is done. They are officially married and now on their camping trip/honeymoon [who would have thought those two things could go together??]. The wedding was gorgeous, the dinner was excellent and I’ve now managed to locate and remove all the pins from my hair and scrape the last little bit of eyeliner off my face. Yes, it was a lovely wedding.

I felt like one of the Kids in the Hall in drag.

I figure I wear enough make up – you know, to cover up some of the oddities – and part of me believes that the girl who lay down a few archeological sized layers of colour on my face actually did a decent job – but I have neither the time nor inclination to try and repeat the process on my own.

Photos are en route and you may even be privy to one of me hiding under eyeshadow and hairspray. Check with my flickr page late to try and pick me out in amongst the powders and pastels.

3 responses to “make me up

  1. Seriously, I haven’t thought about Kids in the Hall since high school. Gald you survived the wedding!

  2. You looked absolutely georgous!!!! You aren’t supposed to be prettier than the bride:)
    I can not believe how big Mae Gwyn is getting. Her cheeks look edible!!!! I love baby cheeks!

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