oh, my aching!

Here’s something else that could have been put out there a little more emphatically at prenatal class: joint pain. Now, I understand [sort of] that there can be pregnancy associated arthritic symptoms – and I had those in my hands and wrists. Fine. Whatever. And, despite the fact that my finger joints have not yet completely returned to wedding ring size, the pain is gone and my grip is back.

However, I have since the birth of babyQ developed aches and pains in my lower back and knees. [aaaarrrrgggghhh]

I’ve always had bad knees, but they did not bug me in the slightest while pregnant: a gabillion pounds heavier and oh-so off my centre of gravity. Now, though, that I’m no longer waddling around with the equivalent of the world’s biggest medicine ball attached to my torso, my knees decide to get cranky. I’m using the excuse of picking babyQ up all the time but, really, despite her giganto-baby status [to be reiterated at the doctor’s next week], she still weighs far less than my pregnant belly did.

So, what gives? [other than my knees] I recognize that, since having a baby, I have officially become old and uncool, but I didn’t realize that meant old and infirmary too.

I hate taking meds – and I’m not for the time being. I hope it doesn’t get any worse or, better yet, perhaps it’s temporary. Oh, how glass-half-full… At least my hands and wrists did get better. That way, when it comes to it, I’ll at least be able to get into the child proof caps on the anti-inflammatories.

5 responses to “oh, my aching!

  1. Here’s to hoping it passes soon. I’ve got a bum knee after years of installing carpet. It’s no fun at all.

  2. My ass hurts.

    Yes, yes, too much information, but I wish someone had mentioned to me that their ass had hurt after the pregnancy. It turns out that something like 40% of women whack their tailbone out of alignment during birth. My chiroprator is now my very best friend.

    While this might not help your knees it might help your back (or your ass).

  3. yeah, I’ve got a friend who cracked her tailbone during delivery…so not fun.

    thx for the heads-up on the tag! I’d’ve figured it out in a few days or so at the rate things are going. 😛 Okay. Maybe a week.

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