a morning person

I used to be one.

Really. I worked 7am – 3pm shifts and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in and missing out on the day and loved the fact that I still had so much of the afternoon to enjoy after work.

Then, my shifts changed. I began working 9am – 5pm like every other normal person out there. I got used to staying up a little later and sleeping in a little longer. I got really used to staying up a little later and sleeping in a little longer.

BabyQ is a morning person. A 6:30am morning person. At least for the last 6 days. Granted, she’s also slept through until 6:30am, so I can’t exactly complain. [And, now that I’m posting this, she’ll stop.] So it seems I must reset my clock. I’m to be forced to creak and lurch my way out of bed in the pre-dawn, upending my cat and procuring heavy, martyred sighs from my dog. I end up watching the early news and see the repeated forecast and traffic segments every ten minutes.

Reprieve comes at the 8:30am nap. I get to try and doze on the couch while the aforementioned affronted dog guards the front window and barks at some minor offence [usually a pug] just as babyQ and I both reach sleep… And now that babyQ is napping in the afternoon? I’m too awake – and have begun to many little things that need finishing – to join her.

But that’s okay. Mr.Q gets to get up at 6:30am too…it’s the little things that keep me sane.

One response to “a morning person

  1. Both of ours are still 6:30 am creatures. Luckily for me I am botha morning person and a nighthawk so I can get stuff done and still manage to keep up with them in the mornings.

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