Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

A week passes by quickly and epiphanies pile up! Here they are:

  1. Don’t jinx things by stating them on a blog. Despite all good will [and, thank you for the good thoughts], bottle feeding has degenerated once again into fuss fests. BabyQ has summarily rejected artificial feeding methods for the time being … we may try again after a cooling off period. Maybe.
  2. It’s worth repeating: don’t jinx things by stating them on a blog. Like bottle feeding, sleeping through the night was just too good to be true and we are now roused about 2am for a minimum of soother replacement, if not a full diaper overhaul and feeding.
  3. BodyWorlds3 – the plastination exhibit, currently at Science World – is well worth the visit.
  4. Moo, in conjunction with flickr, is offering little mini-business/personal calling cards and they look completely adorable. I’ll let you know for sure when my sample set arrives!
  5. A week really does pass by quickly.

2 responses to “Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

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  2. um…thanks…yeah… I aim to be convincing, if nothing else. I am however, far too lazy to visit. please forgive me.

    and, hey, good effort on your part slogging through all the word verifications!

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