verrry interesting….

I’ve taken the plunge and moved over to Blogger beta … wish me luck! I’m not quite sure what it all means yet, so if you see anything weird, that’s probably why. There are labels now, so I’m going to try and backfill some stuff, like my Episodes of Things I’ve Learned, but that will be later.

I know that it does mean comments can be problematic – try posting them as other or anonymous if you run into problems as a Blogger.

Happy Anniversary to me! Yep, Mr.Q and I have been married 10 years as of today. And, yep, I’m blogging. Hey – he’s doing bills and singing “I’m a buffoon, a big buffoon” over and over again to no tune that I recognize, so whatever. I suspect that makes us officially old, married people. We got each other cards and ordered out Chinese food. Ooohhh – careful now! Can’t have too much excitement in one night!

Oh yeah, while not out having a terribly romantic anniversary dinner or having wild, crazy anniversary sex [is that still legal after 10 years of marriage?], we were uploading the latest of video of babyQ – ie: it’s from two weeks ago – check it out here.

3 responses to “verrry interesting….

  1. Jenn, I am 100% sold on the jumper! Wow. The look on Baby Q’s face was pure bliss. It was fun to see her inaction. I’ll always think of her as the June Babes in Blogland who came first!

    Becca @

  2. I’m still a beta avoider. Apparently if you have trouble commenting on a beta blog with your old school login you can hit preview first and then post. Works like a charm.

    Congrats on the 10 year mark. Sadly these days that’s quite an achievement.

  3. jolly jumpers *rock*

    RP – good to know! I seem to be surviving beta for the time being, mind you I’m only messing with things in my test sites, so that might have something to do with it… šŸ˜€

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