It’s only the beginning of the month, and I can now hardly wait for the end and, while I enjoy Hallowe’en as much as the next guy, ghosts and goblins are not the reason.

I have no [scheduled] company coming in the month of November.

True, I have a dentist appointment and I’m hosting mommy group and Mr.Q may be sent out of town for a week on work in addition to regularly scheduled music classes for babyQ and choir for me and, and such, we will certainly not be bored. But, the point remains that I have no company booked [yet] in my calendar.

As I’ve stated before, I love all these visiting folk dearly – else why would I accommodate their travels – but since the birth of babyQ we have been inundated with repeat offenders visitors from across the western portion of this country. And that’s to be expected. For a while. A while is over. Apparently a while starts up again in early December, and that makes me look forward to November even more. We may have time to ourselves.

Or at least time to clean the house in preparation for December hosting.

Two milestones: I hit 10,000 views on our flickr photos on the same day that Mr.Q hit 30,000 on his You Tube channel! Hm…apparently, people like moving photos better than stills…

One response to “countdown

  1. I love visitors as much as the next oerson, but eventually it’s nice to just put up you rfeet and be with your own little family. It’s hard to jsut chill out and play with the kids when I’m busy making sure all the guests are fed and comfy. Enjopy your break!

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