Several things have happened in the past week that have lead me to eat far more meat than I would normally ever contemplate. I’m starting to feel my incisors growing and my eyes wandering to Mr.Q’s jugular…

I don’t usually eat much meat, aside from seafood, and then only because Mr.Q has cooked it and it is sitting right in front of me. And there can be no overt reminders that the flesh in front of me was once a living creature: no skin, no bone and definitely no icky bits like gristle or tendon.

However, combine a Thanksgiving Day turkey, my salmon, tuna and halibut cravings, our recent discovery of the deli rotisserie chicken [we don’t get out much] and Mr.Q’s sudden longing for organic ground beef and I am starting to think that some nasty karma is going to come back and quite literally bite me in the ass.

I don’t consider myself a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t have all the purported health reasons for it memorized and even on my most love-and-flowers-and-sunshine kind of day I’m likely only moderately flaky. But my inner hippie chick does tend to rear to her pious, unwashed head when the animal evidence in my fridge mounts and I find myself comtemplating the antibiotic levels in poultry and getting sentimental over the California cow commercials.

It’s days like this that I think I really should probably think about things like this. Because, if anyone asks me about it, I have no real answer. And, since I have no answer, someone [read: babyQ] will probably ask about it at some point. My reasons for drawing tentative, and often obliterated, lines are rather weak and often answered with the oh-so convincing “because“. Most of the time, it’s just the way I feel. You know, a feeling. Yeah, in the gut. I have the same great, thought provoking answers for my religious convictions [or lack thereof *].

So, I’ve decided that I’m not ready for babyQ to start talking anytime soon – I know she’ll bring up all sorts of questions I’m just not ready for.

Maybe she’ll just be interested in the stuff I have mostly figured out – like where babies come from or the origin of vampires.

*I took a quiz the other day, but forgot to save the results [and retaking is just never the same – constantly second guessing]: it put me at 83% agnostic, followed by 78% pagan. (3rd at 73% was Buddhist) Since I always, rather glibly, describe myself as agnostic, with pagan leanings, I may have to rethink the glibness…

3 responses to “bloodlust

  1. I’m a vegnostic. I don’t believe in not eating meat because it’s just so darned tasty. Small consolation when theose shooting pains begin travelling up my left arm, I know. Maybe I’ll be eating a really good steak when it happens though.

  2. ah, and therin lies the problem – damn tastiness! hm…and it is about time for my annual steak craving…

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