sneaking around behind my parents’ backs

There are days I don’t feel a day over 16.

My sister and her husband were in town for Thanksgiving and she brought my belated birthday present. She was late in receiving it and, since she is the queen of online shopping, it made sense. But, when she informed me that it wasn’t an online order, my suspicions gelled into one conclusion: she had ordered me prints of one or more of her wedding photos – the photographer had also taken a couple of Mr.Q, babyQ and myself.

What she had got for me, in reality, was one of the freaking gorgeous photo books that were ordered for the parents of the bride and groom [they’re from Shutterfly* – who the hell knew??].

The catch? I have the proof. This is the one book that was ordered for sisterQ to approve before ordering more. That means my parents do not have, and may not even know about, their book. And my parents are coming down later in the month, likely before their book is printed. And, at some point, my mother will ask me what my sister got me for my birthday. And, because my mother was miffed enough over the fact that I got to see a photo of sisterQ’s dress in advance, I can’t say anything.

My family is great for the “You didn’t hear it from me, but…” conversation. It’s usually nothing damning; it’s almost become a game of who has told who what and who will screw up and let it slip first.

So, now I just have to keep my yap shut and the photo book hidden for another month… so, hell, I’ll just post about it on the internet instead.

*Shutterfly offers a lot of print options! I knew that flickr had several partners for printing, but this is a whole other series of goodies…

My moo cards have arrived!! They are so adorable that I’m left with nothing to do but sit down and figure out what photos I want to use for a box of 100 – it was so much easier to pick 10 random photos for a free pack …

4 responses to “sneaking around behind my parents’ backs

  1. now, if I had to lie about my mother getting me an ugly sweater, that would work! my sister has impecable taste…so, hey, that means I get to buy a wicked little sweater…cool.

  2. qoop is partnered with flickr – shutterfly seem to be a separate entity of photosharing and printing. They’re all quite cool looking!

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