the evolution of the English language

In my effort to enhance babyQ’s 4 month old vocabulary and further encourage her love of [drooling on] books, I read her a new selection from her library about a dragon who demands her share of baked goods in return for not torching the castle:

The Muffin Muncher.

You can’t tell me that the author, the illustrator, the editor and the publisher all glossed over that one without one eyebrow raised or lip smirked.

6 responses to “the evolution of the English language

  1. uh oh, I’m feeling dumb, I don’t get it.

    But OH MY GOSH! I totally remember that series of books! Serendipity was the one I remember. Wow, it’s amazing how vividly such an ancient memory can come flying back!

  2. make sure your grandmother’s not reading over your shoulder and see here… 😛

    Yeah, though, I got 1/2 dozen of that series – including Serendipity – all former inhabitants of my bookshelf. I have no idea where my mother stored them all these years, but I guess she did!

  3. The Muffin Muncher.

    That is awesome. Then after she torches the castle she plays softball and goes to a gay pride parade.

    I would totally buy that book.

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