you really can’t win

Oh yeah, that’s right – I forgot. No matter what I do, something’s going to come back and bite me in the ass. Thus far, I can [jokingly] harass my parents for not putting me in dance classes [they didn’t have any in our small town], for putting me through painful eye drops for my lazy eye [which, it’s now recognized, do no good] and for feeding me formula as a baby [because all the doctors said it was better].

BabyQ can already include going to loud concerts [twice] and exposure to hair dye [once] – both in the womb. She can now, apparently, add tv to her list of Things My Parents Did to Screw Me Over. It seems there may be a link between toddlers watching television and autism.

And, before reading this lovely piece of news on my Blogging Baby feed, I had just added a Baby Einstein video to babyQ’s Christmas list.

No, the article is not saying that the researchers absolutely believe that television causes autism. They do, however, note a statistical link between availability of television and autism rates. I have yet to read the original paper, as it is 67 pages long and I am too tired from amusing babyQ all day – without tv.

Fortunately, she’s not really all that into tv yet. She does like to stare at the pretty colours every now and then, particularly if there is music to go along with it. And, she likes football.

Not that she’ll get to watch much of that anymore, unless it’s live.

One response to “you really can’t win

  1. I know, I read that and winced. I was so proud of my “hardly any tv” and “no baby einstein” house…that is until the fall season started. It might be mommy brain, but I am mesmerized by every single new show.

    Hmmm, tough choice, the new season of Lost or my son…

    …I will keep you posted.

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