resorting to name calling

The parents have left and we now have some blessed time to ourselves! Okay, not really – there’s classes, mommy groups, friends and chores – but we have no one, other than babyQ, to entertain for more than a few hours at a time.

Fortunately, entertaining these days mean mostly staring at babyQ. It kind of creeps her out, but it is a little easier on us. It’s rather low maintenance, with the most work being in the feeding of guests rather than trying to find a place everyone wants to go. That lends itself to more talking about and talking to babyQ. Such as when Mr.Q removed a Lamaze cube from her blanket and I uttered, a la South Park, but in my uber-cheery voice [as close as I get to baby talk] “he took your box, the bastard!” to which my mother made note that we should really watch what we say as it may be one day that someone asks babyQ her daddy’s name and she replies “the bastard!”.


5 responses to “resorting to name calling

  1. Hee hee hee! This made me giggle!

    (Articulate, aren’t I? It’s late and I should be sleeping!)

  2. Ahh yes….those little devils will hear exactly what you don’t want them to hear.Then they will repeat it at the most inappropriate time:)

  3. My daughter has given my wife many indicators of fallout from things said. I think the funniest part is that if someone told me that she would eb the one spewing questionable words arounds the kids instead of me I would have laughed in their face.

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