I think I’m being played

When we moved to the lower mainland at the end of 1997, we brought with us only what would fit in our truck. Our move to Yellowknife from Edmonton had been paid for by Mr.Q’s employer, but our move south was not so generously funded. As it was, I slept on the floor in an unfinished basement suite for a month while Mr.Q wrapped things up and made the 3 day trek with the dog, the cat, our personal belongings and a transmission that crapped out just outside of Calgary.

Needless to say, one of the very first things we purchased here was a new bed. And, with Mr.Q returning to academia and myself working for a pittance in government funded research, we bought a scarily cheap double-sized mattress and borderline flimsy frame: the kind of items normally relegated to the guest room, with the intent of making sure guests don’t hang around for too long.

Nearly ten years on, we are still sleeping on it.

It’s lumpy, it’s squeaky and there’s no point in turning it around any more as everything’s giving way. Yes, we’re lazy. We may not be comfortable while we’re lazy, but we are lazy.

Regardless of our own inability to get off our collective asses and make a purchase, our dog has now decided that our bed, in all its glory, kicks ass on his bed. Our 10 1/2 year old dog is now in love with our 9 1/2 year old bed.

He has always slept on his bed in our room. No problems, unless he was sick or at the very end of my pregnancy when he was a little weirded out. Now, however, he shuns his big, fuzzy, fluffy bed [that, I would argue, is more comfortable than ours] and insists on sleeping with us. And the cat. Oh, yes, don’t forget the cat.

BabyQ is the only one who gets to stretch out in her own space. Though she does nap in our bed on occasion, which, I believe, may be why Leo now wants to sleep there too – some sort of territorial thing? Or, perhaps it really is just more comfortable on his aging arthritic hips? Or has he finally become sick of being relegated to the floor and made his move, hoping for the best?

Regardless, we may now [finally!!!] get a new bed out of it.

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