damned farmers

Okay, nothing really against farmers* since I like to eat and all, but damn daylight saving sucks. I remembered, which in and of itself is a bloody miracle and I managed to set all the clocks, which is another miracle [then there was a power outage, so I had to reset all the clocks…]. The problem arose when babyQ wanted to get up at what turned out to be 5 you’vegottobebloodlykiddingme AM.

We knew it was going to happen. We tried to keep her up a little later Saturday night. We tried to convince her to go back to sleep. We had no luck. She was up and hungry and her impeccably precise internal clock said it was time to be up and there’s very little you can do to compete with all that.

I think that, for once, I’m actually going to look forward to spring ahead.

*Having now read the wikipedia article that I linked to, it now seems that I was harbouring delusions that daylight saving time had to do with farmers having more daylight to get their crops in. Must’ve been one of those things my parents told me to shut me up. At least that now makes more sense why Saskatchewan doesn’t observe DST.

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