a momentary lapse

Oh, what the bloody hell was I thinking??? At the 11th hour, I discovered NaBloPoMo [found out about it here]and have signed myself up for National Blog Posting Month [click Yoda to get to the NaBloPoMo site!]. At this exact moment, QR doesn’t appear in the listings, but I did only submit my request a few hours ago.

So here is my first post. One of [um…30 days has September, April, June and November…oh yeah] thirty posts coming your way, relatively evenly spaced, over the next month.

Of what will I blog? Will I wax poetic? Delve into deep philosophical debates with myself? Solve the problems with the world economy and devise a plan reverse global warming? Or provide you with a few new milestones, epiphanies, surmises surmiseds surmisations [?!] and the occasional new word?

Don’t think too long about that. Just check back each day this month and have a read! And leave a comment. ‘Cause I’m not doing this for my health, here, people.

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