graphic arts design

Not something I do.

But now I want to.

I want a giant sign to stick out my car window at opportune moments. It should be small enough to be manoeuvrable, but large enough to come scarily close to sticking out in front of the car driving past me in the next lane. It would read:

  • 30 km/h – it’s a school zone, asshole

Yep. Pouring rain, dark and lunch hour, and these dipshits find it necessary to go roughly 70 clicks past a bunch of kindergarteners.

Now, I am not the poster child for speed limits. Doing 50 in a 50 zone makes me grind my teeth and just itch to tailgate. The guy in front of me stopping 20 feet behind the stop line puts claw marks in my steering wheel. And the jackasses to refuse to put on their turn signal until the are in the middle of the intersection really, really need to have to get their licenses cut into little tiny pieces. Or, they should have to drive around with a big sandwich board on top of their cars warning people that they are likely to turn left without any consideration for their fellow drivers.

Yes, yesterday was just one of those days. It would be nice to be able to blame it on the full moon, but you know it’ll happen next week, and the week after, too. In the mean time, if some not-yet-invented speed triggered spike belts show up in a school zone near you… well, you have no proof that it was me.

One response to “graphic arts design

  1. That makes me crazy too!! Last year I went & complained about the school bus driver speeding in the school zone!!
    Hello??!! Of all people.
    I am not sure of what happened with the driver but I can only hope she was fired immediately unfortunately she was probably just put on a different route or something.

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