changing of diapers, habits

Mr.Q is a very involved and hands on kind of dad and, as such, does his fair share of cuddling, playing, bjorning and, of course, diaper duty – most often of his own free will. Or so he would like me to believe.

While he doesn’t complain, and even changes diapers without prompting, there are two little things that bring into question his oh-so sincere willingness to deal with his daughter’s Pampers:

  1. his frequent forgetfulness when it comes to closing the lid on the wipes container
  2. his knack for putting the full diaper on top of the Diaper Genie, yet forgetting, afterward, to place it inside.

Should these things occur on the odd occasion, who could complain?? These are, however, nearly daily events. And, when faced with an exploding diaper, a wriggly baby, a dried out wipe and a precariously folded diaper from the morning perched atop the container that I now need access to…well, it does make me start to wonder if my generally no-bullshit husband has taken to dabbling in the passive-aggressive.

He denies it, and evokes the Rule of Men Not Multi-tasking [But, I paraphrase. I believe a more direct quote would be: “there’s just too much going on!”]. So, what’s a girl to do? Apparently, threaten to blog about it. Since initiating this post several days ago, things have changed. Extra loud clicks are heard as the wipes container is closed. The diaper genie is given a prominent extra twist. Indeed, the change station is meticulous.

Now, though, I’m torn. I could continue running around exclaiming “I’m SO blogging this!” and aim for the cleanest house ever. But then, wherein lies my blog fodder?

One response to “changing of diapers, habits

  1. Hi, I’m trying to visit all the NaBloPoMo blogs and just dropped by for a visit but I liked your blog so I’m bookmarking you. 😉

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