coffee and procrastination

Gotta love Starbucks. At one end, the discussion of direction of Miramar stocks. At the other end, out of body experiences and astral travel.

BabyQ and I sat in the quieter corner, with stock boy, though I suspect the conversation closer to out of body boy may have been a little more interesting. Sadly, there were no good tips.

At this moment, as I draft this, babyQ is asleep, Mr.Q is at an evening class and I am supposed to be working on the annual Christmas missive. [Instead, I’m covering my ass by getting posts ready for NaBloPoMo.] Yes, I am one of those who sends a card out every year to far-flung friends and family. Or, at least, I have been. Last year, the Christmas letter went online and a link went in the cards. This year, I am seriously contemplating sending an email greeting instead. Why should I spend between $40 and $50 each year on stamps, another $30 on cards and untold time making Mr.Q sign his name on items that will be discarded, when I can simply hit send?

I know that I will still have to send real, honest-to-god cards to a few great-aunts and technophobes, but other than that, I believe I have the email addresses of everyone I need. And enclosing the obligatory baby photo? Have you not seen my flickr account yet??

So, is this ingenious or a cop-out? I have this sinking feeling that it’s a cop-out and I’m really trying desperately to talk myself into it being okay if I don’t put the effort into writing personal little messages into 48 cards and getting paper cut on my tongue from sealing the same number of envelopes. But, then again, the War Amps did send me those seasonal return address labels…it must be horribly bad karma not to use those up.

And so, I procrastinate, here, online: the very place that is causing me such holiday turmoil. And I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping yet.

[edit at time of posting: and, no, by the time I went to bed last night, I had not touched the Christmas letter…]

2 responses to “coffee and procrastination

  1. Ugh. I always put pressure on myself to send out cards. I buy them, then I never actaully get to sendign them. Then I feel like a horrible friend.

    Aint’ guilt grand?

    I say email ’em. You’re busy, You have a new baby. People will understand! Plus, they get to see oodles of pictures on flickr, not just one in a card! Justify! Justify!

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