chiropractic injustices

I have pissed off my chiropractor. Let’s review the offences:

  1. I haven’t been to see him in six months
  2. Part of the reason that I haven’t gone is because my ankles, knees and lower back have been acting like my ankles did a while back when I had tendonitis and went for physiotherapy sessions instead of chiropractic adjustments (and he was the one who sent me to my doctor for the physio referral)
  3. I tell him as much, though confess that now I’m thinking realignment might help the situation to which the response was the equivalent of “uh, yeah, duh!

I keep mentioning tendonits, until he says he doesn’t think it is, or was, tendonitis.
I left the three new exercises and follow up appointment. Three new exercises. Oh, yeah, he’s pissed….

One response to “chiropractic injustices

  1. Gosh I’m sorry for your aches and pains. Maybe bribe him with a game of Operation and a box of Godiva chocolates?

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