On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we took a few moments to watch the Remembrance Day ceremonies televised from Victory Square in Vancouver and the Memorial Cenotaph in Victoria. In a few hours, we will be making our way to Mountainview Cemetery, where my grandfather is buried, to take a moment amidst those who died during WWII. Today’s trip isn’t something babyQ will remember but it somehow seems important nonetheless. It’s been a few years since we’ve gone, ourselves, and we have no excuse to stay home today.

While we’re taking our moment today, take a moment and take a listen to this fellow. His song has been picked up for ceremonies all across the country today.

Completely unrelated follow up re: the people that I heard discussing Miramar the other day at Starbucks. Though the conversation seemed to wander a little, sound bits like “it’s going up, then?” and “people are asking if this is it” made sense to me in the context of Miramar, the mining company, and their stock.

Then, we received a flier in the mail for Miramar, the new condo development in a nearby suburb. And, well, that made comments like “construction’s going ahead” and “they’ve levelled the final building” make a little more sense…oops. It’s a really good thing I let the bank take care of my investments.

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