the mommies are coming

It’s my turn to host Mommy Group tomorrow.

My narrow, 90% stairs townhouse is about to be overrun with self-styled yummy mommies and their offspring – most of whom are very mobile [the offspring, though the mommies are too]. Mr.Q is staying home to herd the dog and cat away from the ruckus and, though I’m sure they have the good sense to avoid it on their own, I want to be sure. The pets may be the least of our concern: babyQ is the only one of the group who isn’t motoring around under her own steam yet, and we are not terribly baby proofed…

I forget why I signed up for hosting. Guilt? A sense of duty to the greater Mommy Group? Some twisted desire to see my name on the list? A subconscious effort to make sure I stuck with the group by signing up for a [at the time] far off future hosting date?

Perhaps I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I haven’t heard back from everyone yet. I do live in the suburbs after all [gasp!] and it is awfully far to go. I have three attendees out of a possible 10 at the moment. I can deal with that.

Regardless of how many people come, though, I still have to finish cleaning…

2 responses to “the mommies are coming

  1. If you did it out of guilt, and you end up enjoying yourself, then maybe the guilt in this case will not have been a bad thing. Some guilt can be quite useful.

    If however you discover it sucked and don’t want to do it ever again, you’ll know how to ditch that guilt and say “No thanks, can’t host.” and feel great about that decision.

    Either way, make the guilt work for you not against you!

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