the 24 hour night

Throw a little wind and rain into the night, and all hell breaks loose.

My eyeballs are a little grainier, my hair a little more lackluster and my fingers a little slower to type today. Between our daughter and our dog, we spent last night scrubbing carpets, changing sheets, coddling, comforting, feeding and walking.

BabyQ was hungry. Twice. She was chatty. Have I mentioned our new motto? Beware the chatty baby. Full diaper generally ensues. And, damn, did it ensue. It ensued with a vengeance that required changing her and her crib sheet and, as such, waking her fully.

Leo, the poor aging Shiba Inu, was restless. And then sick. Twice. In our bedroom. And then he was still restless, prompting Mr.Q to take him for a walk around the block at 3 in the morning. In the wind. And the rain.

We did get to sleep in a little this morning, amidst a grumbling cat [who was hungry, damn it, why weren’t we up feeding her??], more wind and more rain. BabyQ and Leo are now both napping after their respectively long nights while I am laundering crib sheets and cleaning cloths. And trying hard not to look at my bedroom carpeting in case I have to dig out the Spot Shot.

Anyone know the Latin translation for beware the chatty baby (and fussy dog)??

3 responses to “the 24 hour night

  1. Firstly – I’m loving your daily posts! There’s usually one waiting on my RSS list when I have breakfast, which is a nice way to start the day.

    I appreciate your sense of humour 🙂

    Nights like that suck don’t they? We’ve had a few like that lately, where both kids have been up all night, and I ended up watching a Peter Rabbit video 3 times in a row, slowly feeling myself growing more insane.

    Hope tonight is better!

  2. thx!! now, we’ll see what things are like by the end of the month… 😀

    last night was decidedly better, although we did get up at 5:30, at least we got to sleep until then!

  3. That makes me sleepy and grumpy jsut reading it (um, and sneezy and bashful??)! I’m not sure how you survive!

    Glad last night was better!

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