children of the corn

Mr.Q is at it again. Never one to be content with status quo, he has upped the ante. Gone are the days of mere seasonal allergies, oral allergy syndrome, lactose intolerance and mild allergies to yeast, dairy, tuna and corn! Ah, corn….surely that sounds like a reasonable thing to be allergic to – and why not? Why not run wild with it and see what happens?

We thought we had done pretty good eliminating corn products, even though Mr.Q’s original testing suggested that he could have corn once or twice a week. I mean, corn, maize, corn starch …what else is there? We did our due diligence and read every label. Twice.

And, yet, a second violent allergy attack has brought us around to the thought that he is now, perhaps, affected by small amounts of corn, corn derivatives and anything that may have even grown next to corn. Or thought about it.

So, all hail the internet. And, holy crap, what an information overload that is. Here are just a few of the sites that are making me rather fearful of a life eating chicken and rice [until he becomes allergic to those, too]. My favourite? Toothpaste is likely to contain corn products. Great.

The naturopath has been called. This definitely requires confirmation and follow up. And then we get to discuss babyQ. How am I ever supposed to be able to introduce any food to her? At the slow rate we may have to go at, we’ll be lucky if she’s eating more than a handful of veggies by the time she starts school. But, by that point, that may be all that’s left in our house for food, anyway.

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