quick, while she’s sleeping!

We all just got back from a walk, taken in between the rounds of heavy rains. I checked email briefly and came upstairs to find only Leo. Mr. Q and babyQ had completely disappeared – they’d gone upstairs and babyQ had fallen fast asleep in less than 5 minutes. And, this after a 2 hour nap this morning…poor magpie. Two teeth are a lot to deal with at once, I guess.

As are water restrictions.

Being in the lovely suburb of Vancouver that we are, our water restrictions have not been lifted after most of the lower mainland’s water system was deemed safe for public consumption yesterday. After the last storm system blew through, the reservoirs became full of silt and crap [probably literally…] and everyone went on a boil-water advisory. Most areas are now switched to another, cleaner reservoir, but not us. Oh, no, that would be too easy. We can still run the dishwasher, the laundry and shower [if you don’t think too much about it] but can’t drink, brush teeth or wash veggies without boiling the tap water first. Fortunately, our water isn’t visibly icky – all the theoretical icky is microscopic – but some areas’ water supply was absolutely disgusting.

How hard should this be? Rain falls from the sky, fills rivers and reservoirs and, voila!, we have lots of drinking water. I could have damn well stuck a bucket outside, made my own little reservoir and had cleaner water than what the city is ‘providing’ at the moment. Mind you, I also wouldn’t have been testing said water… it’s all about being careful what you look for, eh?

Needless to say, there is no bottled water left in the vicinity.

Our advisory isn’t likely to be lifted until early next week, after the effects of tomorrow’s storms are determined. Coffee shops are closed as it is and I can’t imagine another few days with a few city’s worth of undercaffeinated, thirsty inhabitants. God help if we don’t win the Grey Cup.

As completely obnoxious as this whole thing is, at least we don’t live in the areas that are on boil-water advisories and have no power.

2 responses to “quick, while she’s sleeping!

  1. I know my water is still icky, because there is SILT in the bottom of my toilet bowl. Eeeew. I considered posting a picture, but really… who wants to see my toilet? Heh.

    I read a few of those articles – “Nobody is dying in the streets.” Wow. What a quote.

  2. What? Your guys’ water is messed up? Ugh. That is sooo horrid. Ours used to get yucky when I lived in Arizona. Quite annoying.

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