they’re kicking the pigskin

So, it’s a perfect time for me to post. I think we’re winning… Mr.Q is rather content, so I assume that we must be.

He’ll be a little more content in the next few weeks: he has made the decision regarding what to purchase with his birthday money – his birthday money that was received in July.

While said money was requested in lieu of gifts this year with the intent of purchasing a microphone or speakers for his recording system, he has been waffling about which one, which brands and what specs for at least 6 months. But, he has been saved by recent advances in electronics: he wants a Nintendo Wii.

Now, last birthday, he got a PlayStation 2. Apparently, that’s just not good enough anymore. Neither are the new games he has received and purchased throughout the last 16 months. Yeah, you’re welcome, babe. Now, instead of sitting on the couch, lump-like, passively kicking ass on dragons and attacking infantry, he’ll get to jump around the living room kicking ass on dragons and attacking infantry.

I’m not sure the house is ready for that. We’re barely dog proofed, certainly not yet baby proofed [oh, just wait until babyQ begins to crawl…] and, I suspect, no where near Wii proofed. By the time we remove all obstacles, place pillows on sharp corners and baseboard heaters and secure other objects to the wall, we might as well create a padded room a la psyche ward for Mr.Q to play in.

And that, complete with interactive straight jacket, may just be the best place for my newly rabid gamer…

4 responses to “they’re kicking the pigskin

  1. Well thank the Lord he doesn’t want to buy the new Playstation 3….
    that sucker is $679.00!!!!!!!!
    That is INSANE!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like my hubbie. Of course I’m not sure it’s the video games he wants so much as it is a good reason to not have to change diapers for 2 hours at a time.

  3. the crawling is time consuming….my back aches from chasing the floor…..I am not a Nintendo fan but saw the lines…craziness!!!

  4. At least he’s getting some exercise while playing his game.

    My husband will be getting a PS3 as soon as we can get our hands on one (without spending 2k on eBay for it). I’m OK with it since MY big xmas gift is a new camera (DSLR, baby!). I can’t complain too much.

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