twice in as many days??

I’m beginning to rethink my husband’s desire for a Nintendo Wii.

Last night, while I was dutifully reading blogs and catching up on my feeds, Mr.Q was battling a giant, frozen-faced, dancing cactus on his PS2.

I kid you not.

Better yet, I was informed, this cactus could shoot thousands of needles at you. And, I’ve now discovered, this cactus get his own Wikipedia entry, complete with a stunning photograph. Awesome…

This was part of one his Final Fantasy games [X? XII? X.5? CIV? I have no freaking clue] that I have been ridiculing since they were brought into the house. There are bizarre religious overtones. There are scantily clad warrior chicks, who also – and why not! – sing. The grand battles are pathetically passive. And the weapons have incomprehensible names: azure sunstorm, seedless sky pearl, flight of the rapturous tree. Okay, those aren’t real names, but they could be. But the one thing I gave this series credit for was it’s visuals. The game really looks quite nice, as long as you don’t pay attention to the dialogue, the weaponry or the story line.

But, now, even that is gone. This damned cactus looks like it walked right off of South Park and appears to do nothing but hop inanely from one cactus-foot to the other while flapping its arms up and down to the same, unheard rhythm. [I have yet to see the great shooting of needles]

So, now, yes: I am rather looking forward to the Wii. Because, really, nothing else can be this bad. God help, I hope nothing else can be this bad…

4 responses to “twice in as many days??

  1. Lol, I was reading that as W II (as in W 2), and today my husband started saying, “I want a Wii”, and I was thinking, WTF is that, then he pointed it out in the shops.. ahhh boys – they all think alike don’t they!?

  2. I’m just loving the fact that it’s name. I walk through the store, point to it and call out “Wheeeeeee” just to aggravate the clerks. I don’t think I’m allowed in Future Shop again.

  3. I am a little worried about the name. I mean “wheee”? (or, as I think of it, “wee”) Wouldn’t Zii or even Xii or Gii been better? I figure, the only thing worse would have been Pii…

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