Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned

Ah, it’s been a character building few days:

  1. with the boil water advisory still on and a baby with a virus, it is now apparent that excessive, extended use of waterless hand soap destroys cuticles in a manner that should be reserved for, well, never.
  2. sitting with a laptop on one’s bare legs for a couple of hours is not only toasty warm, it may cause a little burn.
  3. forget a baby who might sit, scoot or crawl: I actually gave birth to an inchworm.
  4. viruses are transmissible. Okay, that’s actually a reminder, but still. My throat is sore. Damn it.
  5. there are a lot of cool blogs in NaBloPoMo – as noted by touring them via the Randomizer. Try it – but, careful, it’s highly addictive…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go book a manicure.

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