spread the Irish Spring love

Public Service Announcement:

While it is true that there is currently a boil-water advisory in major portions of the Lower Mainland, I would like to take this opportunity to now clarify:

    NO ONE is saying that you can’t bathe. Just in case you sweat gland loving people don’t want to click on the website, it says this: “Residents of those areas still affected by the advisory are advised by Medical Health Officers that tap water is acceptable for uses other than drinking, brushing teeth or washing fruits and vegetables.

I mean, ew. All you people sitting at the clinic with me today – and you know who you are – just pick up some [hell, any] soap, add a little warm water and wash some of the grime and stench from your persons. Really, did you not wonder why you were the only people sitting on that side of the room?? [except for me, because there were no bloody chairs left and I had to sit somewhere] Have you not noticed the path that clears before you as you walk through the crowds? Okay, I’m speculating, here, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

If this water issue carries on much longer, I’m going to start carrying travel size soaps in my purse and passing them out as needed. Because it seems it will be needed.

One response to “spread the Irish Spring love

  1. Haha! I was just wondering the same thing the otehr day when encountering an unusually high number of stinky people. They really should get them some of that Irish Spring soap.

    Hilarious article! 🙂

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