snow dog

Poor Leo. Poor, aging, arthritic Leo who loves the snow so much that he thinks he’s a puppy again…

How can we say ‘no’ when he starts running around and gets more and more excited as we head for his leash – when normally it’s a battle to get his stiff old ass off the couch for a 45 second walk around the block? How can we drag him back inside when all he wants to do is rip apart piles of snow [and snowmen…sorry neighbour-kids]? How can we stop him from tearing up and down the length of the sidewalk, as far as his extension leash will let him, to slide the final few feet through the drifts?

Even though we know tomorrow will be a bit more trying and we may have to carry him up the stairs tonight, he is just too damned happy with this recent snowfall. And we’re huge sucks.

He has his people trained so well…

2 responses to “snow dog

  1. Aww he’s gorgeous.. and so is the snowed on kitty which was the next photo.. she looked very unimpressed 😉 hehe

    I’m reading your blog and all the nablopomo blogs I bookmarked with google reader so even if you don’t see me here on your hits your message is coming to me as a surprise. Just so you know. 😉

  2. hey – cool! thanks for stopping by! this NaBloPoMo thing has led me to a great bunch of new sites. 😀

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